The new artist G.xist, rounded out with pretty trippy remix from fellow French producer Sammy. These tracks fromG.xist are dark, brooding and ambitious… well-suited for an underground club night or podcast. Beginning with the plodding approach to the title track ‘Home Sweet Hell‘ – characterized by a non-nonsense bass line and fluttering claps’… to the more futuristic and almost sci-fii, cinematic ‘Escape From Home‘. Sammy turns in a fitting remix – conjuring to mind images of an Alien spacecraft landing. Outside-of-the-box and a head turner, this version will find a home with more daring Techno DJ’s. France seemingly has no shortage of fresh talent, and the producers make a raw and refreshing addition to theTerminus Audio catalog with G.xist‘s ‘Home Sweet Hell EP’.

Downloads & Feedback 

G.xist – Home Sweet Hell (Original Mix)
G.xist – Home Sweet Hell (Sammy Remix)
G.xist – Escape From Home (Original Mix)

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