Jacinthe, a 24 years old authentic indie-pop-folk singer-songwriter, is ready to grasp our attention and captivate us with the rhythm of her 3rd EP “Found” and specifically with its first single “Last Mistake”.


For the past four years, Jacinthe has been wandering around the métro in Paris with her guitar and has seduced many of its travellers with her charisma and her charming compositions. In December 2013, top national radio station Europe 1 spotted her and she won their “Talents 20 minutes – Europe 1 2014” prize.

In February 2014, Jacinthe released her first EP “Metro” consisting of five tracks recorded in the Parisian streets, bars and metro. On wanting to capture these daily encounters, she says:

«I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce my music than recording it in a real living place. My songs were born in the métro, in bars, in the streets… It seemed impossible to me to record them without the atmosphere that shaped them».

In spring 2014, she met Parisian duo Synapson, whose buzz has been shaking the electro scene since the release of their debut album “Convergence”, which features Jacinthe with the song “Rushin”. Synapson also produced her first single in French “Hugo” on Jacinthe’s eponymous EP.

 Check her website here

Check out her EP here

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