There are only a handful of DJs/Artists in the world that I have seen play, that I could say that they were a good DJ . Not artist, DJ. It’s a totally different skill can be extremely technical at times, most artists don’t get into the nitty gritty involvement of matching bpm or planning hope tracks move into each other perfectly. As a DJ/Artist myself my strengths were being a very technical DJ over music making by far, so really appreciated really skilled DJs as most are not very skilled at all.

Now, Kissy Sell Out, this man can really shake things up when he wants. I seen him a long time ago in one of Dublin’ famous night clubs The Pod. Kissys setup was 3 Cdj 1000’s. Now you might think what’s the big deal I see setups with 4 CD’s, true but none really uses more than 2 properly. Kissy here was using 3 very well as he would be mixing 3 tracks within about 3 minutes or less and doing it very well. When you see someone mixing this fast of 3 decks you would think they had 4 arms. 

I’ve found a mixtape on his SoundCloud for you to checkout as well as one of his latest tracks. If you have not seen this man play you should keep a eye out.

RINSE FM // KISSY SELL OUT (Guest Mix for Marcus Nasty) 

Gettoblaster “Finger Bang (Kissy Sell Out Remix)”

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