A red cape billows through the wind, trailing through a well manicured garden. Hearts racing feet pacing through damp grass… it shimmers like blades of sliver under a new moons light.
hunter or the hunted, getting closer to a foreboding house in the distance, some glimpse of safety or perhaps where the very haunting begins.

Butterflies and cold sweet, quietly and swiftly being stalked. The entrance to the building opens up and swallows us in, ominous shadows, a blur, a flickering light, a cold breath upon my neck. Seeking refuge, a long dark hallway that extends for eternity. A green light and a soft sound from one of the rooms. I enter only to find that very thing lurking behind my every step, the wolf, my lover or my foe. I relinquish my red cloak it sits around my bar ankles like a cooling pool of crimson blood, as i embrace my dark dark night…..

H&G are back again to bring you an evening of spooky beautiful delights. Emancipate yourself from a city full of lost souls on Halloween weekend and join us on the 29th of October when we whisper into the dead of night, only to hear it whisper back. When fantasy saturates every facet of the evening and reality is no more.

Admire ephemeral live music and performance in the the faded grander of the Georgian ball room a space known for its overwhelming beauty. Groove with glittering ghastly ghouls in our grand hall, and get lost dancing until the break of dawn to a high paced electronic sound scape
in the depths of the bloody chamber, hidden amongst the walled stables in the courtyard

Enjoy roaring fires with tarot card readings speaking of your destiny in the stars, engage yourself with interactive performances, face painting, food, live music and frighteningly good company.

This evening takes place in a large beautiful country house in Kells, just 45 mins drive from Dublin city centre. Constructed in 1760 these walls certainly have stories to tell, in 2004 the house was selected by the World Monuments Fund (WMF) for inclusion in its List of 100 Most Endangered Sites. It is currently a home to 60 students as a transformed boarding school.

Taking inspiration from one of the most famous female writers of our time Angela Carter, we hope to bring her haunting and often seductive fairytales to life, each stage and our interactive performances will take inspiration from some of her most popular works, the bloody chamber, the lady of the house of love, the company of wolves.

Dance by candle light to faceless strangers, immerse yourself in the haunting beauty of this grand estate, hand in hand embrace the dark cold autumn nights with us.

Event Details:

Halloween Gathering
29.10.17 – 10pm to 5am
Fancy Dress BYOB Secret Venue in Meath
Bus to and from the venue included in ticket
Buy your Ticket

Line Up:

Lady Of The House Of Love Stage (Disco/Cheese/90’s)
Move Slow Records (This Greedy Pig)
Handsome Paddy
No Shame DJS

Rest of line up TBA
All tickets are non refundable


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