Got some new stuff sent over to us from Jack Taylor and Clean & Sober. This remix collaboration is from Norway and Netherlands so you are bound to find interesting sounds and styles from these two countries. Here’s some background info on the producers, I always love a good back story.

Jack Taylor grew up in Oslo, Norway. His love of music began at an early age when he was a member of a band. He was encouraged to enter a televised talent contest, where his passion drove him for musical success. He continued practicing guitar and piano while writing and singing his own original lyrics. He was signed as a teenager to Universal Music Norway as a pop act, but Jack’s true passion was electronic dance music.

Clean & Sober is a dutch producer, hails from the duo STVCKS, who released the future house anthem of 2016, with the song “Don’t Be Scared”, also used in Ultra Music Festival’s aftermovie. Remixes song’s of which quite a few have been supported by the headline artists in EDM.

You can get this free track here

You can also check it out here on YouTube 

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