Do we dare disturb the universe?

We cordially invite your beautiful faces, sparkly creatures, all lovers whom are entwined, there are joyous times to be had and glorious secrets we will find.

We create our own reality of all things fantastically magical and gold, under the midnight moon a play ground made of dreams.
Take our hand and follow us to a place where things aren’t what they seem.

Up a long and winding road to territories most unknown, to an intimate fantasy constructed out of gold. An ethereal estate located on the edge of the world, these grounds and and walls are ancient with stories to be told.

New year new beginnings, shake the dust off of the old.
An exciting artistic and musical adventure you will behold, be careful what you wish for, but do tend to your hearts desires.
We celebrate the coming of new year,and together well lift your spirits higher.

Galivant through this great house, the courtyard, the hidden rooms and winding halls. At this grand and wonderers ball where the bubbles flow, the glitter spills and the golden confetti falls. We will leave our troubles at the door, let go of the past, calm your fears of the future, and spend you last hours of the year with us here in the now.

With over three areas of live music and performance
Song bowl and incense room
Wishing tree (make your wishes the new year well burn them at midnight and send them off into the universe)
Bon fire
Confetti canons
Fancy dress
Line up TBA

Collecting the strangest, most beautifully inticate souls around, we curate and instill a sense of wondrous awe. So often we are told not act like children, but we are big kids and we are allowed to play….

We encourage support, community, and having fun
feel free to let your guard down, be free…be yourself
we create safe, intimate, beautiful escapes from reality
places to make new friends and maybe fall in love…

We ask that guests treat our beautiful venue with the love and respect it so rightly deserves, this is a BYOB & BYOC (bring your own reusable cup) please transport all liquids into plastic container there will be no glass allowed on site.

Line up TBA
Early bird tickets now on sale:

Much love,
The H&G Family

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