Got a new mixtape from an old friend Jamie Morris aka A Different Animal. This mix has a lot of funky electro tracks that reminds of a time when hot chip and soulwax were at every festival I went to. Mouse definitely brings me back to when I was a attending those underground gigs that no-one heard of. A different Animal is lined up to play at the next Sea Sessions so if your heading down I would recommend checking him out.


Right Thang feat. Eliot Porter (TACHES Remix) – Human Movement
Thoughts – Dukwa,
Shake Your Body Down – Discreet Unit
Dem Atmos – SHOW-B
Over Again -Eli & Fur
Traveller – Boris Dlugosch, Cassara
Reckless – Gina Breeeze
Come Together – Light Year
Body Funk (Dub Version)- Purple Disco Machine
Rejoice (feat. Rouge Mary) (Cowboy Rhythmbox Remix) – Hercules & Love Affair
Heart (Cleveland Mix) – Premiere Roosevelt
Hachinoko – Simian Mobile Disco & Roman Flugel
Everytime – Grum


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